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Honey E-Commerce Platform

Honey is designed for local businesses that rely on delivering and serving their clients and customers' orders in their area or zone.

Some types of business that Honey platform can serv:


Florist shop

Pets Shop


Cosmetics shop

Perfume shop

Cake and Pastry Shop

Hypermarket or Supermarket

Honey Platform Features

Save Time & Money

One time payment, no monthly fees, unlimited products, manage your orders and delivery by yourself no agents or 3rd party fees.

Mobile App

Get your online store into the app store on both android and IOS.
Your app users can browse your products and purchase using the app.

No hassle, No Registration Required

All you need to deliver an order in your area is the customer's name, phone number, and location, honey was designed to be easy-to-use for both sides, the business management, and the customers.

Wish List Sharing

With honey, you have the ability to share your wish-list with whom you love and care, with a few clicks and no registration required.

Products Categories

With honey you can create unlimited product categories, and list any product under one or several categories.

Inventory Management

With honey, you can manage and handle your online inventory simply and easily.

Promo & Discount Code

Offer coupons to customers to drive loyalty and gain future customers for your business.


With honey, you get a variety of selling reports, as fast-moving products report, returned product report, daily, monthly and annually selling report, and even a specific product selling report.

Design Features

Stunning Page Components

Build your pages the way you desire by selecting components from the built-in gallery.

Advanced Design Features

Bring your site to life with animations, video backgrounds, and scroll effects.

Image Editor

Upload your images in a blink of an eye, crop and edit them with a few clicks.

HTML Embed Object

Embed google maps, youtube videos, and social media content such as facebook, twitter or any social-plugin desired can be embedded.

Arabic Design Support [RTL]

CORTEX team provides a responsive web design for (Desktops, Tablets, and Phones), supported with Arabic style design if applied.

HTML Editor

No limitations, you have the ability to build your components the way you desire.

No worries,

If you use Microsoft word and have some experience on the internet, Then you can run Honey and have control over your website.

SEO Features

SEO Editor

Build your website SEO with a friendly Built-in SEO editor for each and every page and image on your website.

SEO Friendly

Your website has a built-in SEO, therefore your site will appear on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc...

Sitemap Generator

Simply, control sitemap parameters for each page, and with a few clicks, you can publish the sitemap to search engines.

SEO External Tools

Easy to embed any tools or plugins from any 3rd Party platforms such as Google, Facebook, etc.; that can support your website's SEO.

Having a website is not enough if your audience can't find you on search engines.

A website without SEO is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Advanced Tools

3rd Party Plugins

Easy to integrate any Javascript plugin for a specific page or a whole website such as online chatting, google codes, facebook pixel, etc...

Social Network

Easily link your social page in your website, simply copy and paste your social page link and select the proper icon.

Metadata Editor

Almost all social media requires Metadata, with Honey it's pretty easy to add Metadata to your website or a specific page upon your needs.

Advanced Search Engine

Honey has an advanced search tool to help your audience to find their needs quickly and accurately.

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